More people into crypto currencies

Here is one way I think we can get a lot more people into cryptocurrencies and specifically vertcoin. I’ve been talking to a lot of people recently that have not heard of any cryptos or credit card to bitcoin exchange ability.

After I’ve explained the mining part of it to them, most are interested to try it out, but its a bit too technical for some.So this is my idea:A very simple mining program that has a GUI. (available on all platforms). Vertcoin is well suited to the average computer being able to mine it with the adaptive-N algo.

For instance, the mining program would have a friendly and very easy to use interface with defaults setup for the least intrusion and a few sliders to up the performance. A good default would be to only use when the computer is idle, or when GPU usage is under <50% load etc, have a few sliders to change when and how intense the mining is.

There would probably need to be a database of settings for all available nvidia/amd cards. A user would only need to input their wallet address and can start mining with 1 click.

A simple guide on wallets is needed, I think the zero trust web wallet should be listed as the first option. Another thing would be the need to pool mine, I think (without knowing the bandwidth requirements) the best solution might be to run a local private p2pool node and mine on that? We need to to find a developer(s) to take this project on, lets show there is support for it by running this funding campaign!