So far three projects were successfully funded!

So far three projects were successfully funded!

Help us to let a professional designer create the corporate identity guide and refine the logo. FUNDED.
Help us to create an infographic that clearly shows why Vertcoin is the best coin out there. Infographics are press releases for the 95% of us with a short attention span. We will also send it out to blogs in the coin universe. FUNDED.
Help us to create a kickass press release and distribute it through Associated Press to major news outlets such as the New York Times, The Guardian and so on. FUNDED.

Chris who does the animation is still working and will work on it for some more time (if you know how much work goes into a good animation you realize his funding goal of 170VTC is pretty small, please chip in to fund his project). Anyway, he like many of us realize what huge potential Vertcoin has.

A top notch dev team and our grassroots efforts to spread the word get more and more organized as well.

We are having a logo contest in our new official forum and everyone is invited to submit their ideas for the new Vertcoin logo that will be based on the new official Vertcoin currency symbol, the checkmark or tick.

That’s it for today fellow Vertans! United we stand, divided we fall!