Getting Vertcoin Ready for Primetime

Vertcoin had some press coverage already, but we are still hiding in the shadows. With scrypt asic miners already shipping, it won’t take long until we are more in the spotlight.

The Vertcoin Dev team has some great things coming up on the tech side and the team is busy day and night to push the project forward. We as a community should help to push the marketing and branding part forward.

Awesome! Everything we needed for a professional press / media kit was funded besides the Vertcoin animation that we just added yesterday to the site. We will provide updates on the animation like on all other projects via our newsletter.

Help us to let a professional designer create the corporate identity guide and refine the logo. Contribute here. FUNDED!
Help us to create an infographic that clearly shows why Vertcoin is the best coin out there. Infographics are press releases for the 95% of us with a short attention span. We will also send it out to blogs in the coin universe. Contribute here. FUNDED!
Help us to create a kickass press release and distribute it through Associated Press to major news outlets such as the New York Times, The Guardian and so on. Contribute here. FUNDED!

All this enables us to have a professional look and media / press kit. So as soon as it is primetime we are ready for that. Keep in mind, Vertcoin is a fair coin, no premine and the dev team did not keep any of the available coins for themselves. They spend day and night working on the tech, we can help them with this here.

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