I am a novice marathoner based in the Colorado mountains

I am a novice marathoner based in the Colorado mountains. I’ve been running for several years now but I’ve always been more of a short distance 1-3 mile runner (5:30 pace) until I decided to slow it down and start going for distance. I’ve run 1 marathon and 1 50k so far. Currently, I’m training to run a 3:30 hr (8 min pace) marathon.

I am signed up for the Berlin Marathon on September 28th and have started my training. This will be my main race this year. I’m also signed up for the Space Coast Marathon on November 30th. I’m looking to do a few other races (maybe a marathon in May, but definitely a few half-marathons) leading up to the fall. I recently recovered from a runner’s injury (ITBS) and was doing A LOT of swimming and cycling so I am looking into entering an Ironman competition next year. However, my main goal is to make it to Boston in 2016.

What I am proposing is simply to be sponsored and be the official Vertcoin marathoner (triathlete next year!). I will wear a green shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, whatever with the Vertcoin logo in every race I run. I am extremely motivated to do well in Berlin and to reach my goal of running the Boston Marathon. I want to do so by spreading the gospel of Vertcoin and hopefully gaining some attention towards it. I will document my training, make sure lots of pics are taken, etc.